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Budweiser neon beer sign tubes.
These are replacement parts only, not signs.
Any signs pictured are for reference only.

All tubes are new and unused unless noted otherwise.
Some photos of lighted tubes don't look right but they are fine.

To buy a part listed, go here.


1 197 600a.jpg (108298 bytes)197 600b.jpg (94788 bytes) $Sold........Fits this size sign budneon_cold_togo.jpg (54922 bytes)
   Bowtie tube for 20" Budweiser neon beer sign (brand new).

1a  20Bud1.JPG (56726 bytes) 20Bud2.JPG (55712 bytes)  $Sold
     Brand new 20" (sign size) Budweiser script tube for signs like above. 

1b bigbow1.JPG (98505 bytes)  bigbow2.JPG (78279 bytes) $Sold........Fits this type sign budbowtie.jpg (9761 bytes)
    Bowtie tube for 28" Budweiser neon beer sign (brand new).

1c Budweiser_197-603_a.JPG (45510 bytes) Budweiser_197-603_b.JPG (44529 bytes) $Sold out
     Brand new 28" (sign size) Budweiser script tube for signs like above. 

1d 197 605a.jpg (71530 bytes)197 605b.jpg (72035 bytes) $ Sold out.......Look for other ON TAP's in the Misc & Miller dept.
On tap tube for Budweiser neon beer signs.

1e wave tube.JPG (56189 bytes)  wave part.JPG (47390 bytes)  $ Sold ..........Fits this sign....Budweiser-bow-palms.jpg (8983 bytes)
    New wave tube (in white) for a Budweiser palms neon sign.

2 Budweiser_double_stroke_a.JPG (95121 bytes) Budweiser_double_stroke_b.JPG (79933 bytes)  $30  Fits this sign....bud-bow-double.jpg (41619 bytes)
   Used red coated outer border for a Budweiser double stroke neon sign.

2a Budweiser_double_bow_tie_a.JPG (88012 bytes) Budweiser_double_bow_tie_b.JPG (79787 bytes) $Sold   Fits this sign....bud-bow-double.jpg (41619 bytes)
   Brand new red coated inner border for a Budweiser double stroke neon sign.

3   face1.JPG (67347 bytes)  face2.JPG (71554 bytes) $Sold.......Fits this style sign budhelmet1.jpg (31125 bytes)
    Nose guard tube for a Bud football helmet neon beer sign.

4 budweiser-neon-sign-1.jpg (53973 bytes) budweiser-neon-sign-2.jpg (59288 bytes)  Sold out
   32" Budweiser neon beer sign part / tube.

4a Budweiser_neon_script-b.JPG (56670 bytes) Budweiser_neon_script-a.JPG (57124 bytes) Budweiser_neon_script-c.JPG (90868 bytes) $Sold
    Used Budweiser neon sign tube for unknown sign, note deep offset 
    and brass contact connector. Has some dark area on a couple spots but not too bad.

5 197 616a.jpg (47842 bytes)
   197 616b.jpg (47611 bytes)
$Sold......Fits this sign budweiser_guitar.jpg (14534 bytes)
   Neck tube for Budweiser guitar neon beer sign (brand new).
   Note the current ones have black paint on the ends, not red.

5a Bud_guitar_bow1.JPG (97598 bytes) Bud_guitar_bow2.JPG (105624 bytes) $Sold
    Bowtie tube for Budweiser guitar neon beer sign (brand new).
    Note the current ones have black paint on the ends, not red.

5b 1neck.JPG (48783 bytes) 1neck2.JPG (40586 bytes) $Sold
     New guitar neck for a different Bud guitar sign.
     Same as above but the electrodes are rolled under.

bud-beer-neon-sign-1.jpg (88403 bytes)  bud-beer-neon-sign-2.jpg (90778 bytes) $SOLD
    Brand new BUD neon beer sign tube.
    Fits the 054-110 sign or use for your custom sign.

7 197 626a.jpg (53252 bytes) 197 626b.jpg (51756 bytes) $Sold
Filler grid for the neck area on all AB bottle neon beer signs.

8 197 635a.jpg (72851 bytes) 197 635b.jpg (67175 bytes) $25.......Fits this type sign.budneon_cold_togo.jpg (54922 bytes)
Cold tube for cold beer to go neon beer sign.

9 197 638a.jpg (83476 bytes) Sold out
Cerveza tube for Budweiser neon beer sign.
  (Other cerveza tubes in other areas)

10 197 644a.jpg (86271 bytes) 197 644b.jpg (91765 bytes)  Sold out.............Fits this sign bud_marlin.jpg (107430 bytes)
    Fin & eye tube for Bud marlin neon beer sign.

11 red-bud-neon-tube-1.jpg (82047 bytes)  red-budweiser-neon-tube-2.jpg (83924 bytes)  Sold out 
Big red Bud neon tube, fits several Bud beer signs.

12 197 657a.jpg (43028 bytes)
     197 657b.jpg (45164 bytes)
"N" tube for Bud 'n burgers and other Bud beer signs.

12a n1.JPG (103515 bytes)  n2.JPG (101446 bytes) Sold
       Smaller "n" neon tube / part for some beer sign.

13 197 687a.jpg (94499 bytes)197 687b.jpg (123500 bytes) $Sold .........Fits signs like this. Bud_vac.jpg (22963 bytes)
Bud tube for vacuum formed Bud neon beer sign.

14 tbfy1a.jpg (57752 bytes)tbfy1b.jpg (58529 bytes) $Sold                                                    
This neon beer sign tube.

14a tbfy2a.jpg (56513 bytes)tbfy2b.jpg (57771 bytes) $Sold
Bud's neon beer sign tube.

14b tbfy3a.jpg (58600 bytes)tbfy3b.jpg (61467 bytes) Sold
For You neon beer sign tube.
All these tubes fit the "This Bud's for you" neon beer sign.

15 wpe1.jpg (18394 bytes)   wpe3.jpg (16966 bytes)  $SOLD  Fits signs like this.....bud_kegstogo.gif (12843 bytes)
     Kegs To Go neon beer sign part.
    Fits several Bud and other signs.



17  budfest3.JPG (55789 bytes) budfest4.JPG (54898 bytes) $Sold
     Bottom line for a Budweiser Superfest neon beer sign.

17a budfest1.JPG (66169 bytes) budfest2.JPG (64624 bytes)  $ Gone
      Top yellow line for a Budweiser Superfest neon beer sign (sorry pic is upside down).

      These tubes fit this sign.
        Budweiser_superfest.JPG (16548 bytes)

18 Bud_Bow_ref1.JPG (117692 bytes)  $Sold
     New red reflector for a big Budweiser bow tie neon beer sign.

19 BGud_Bow_ref2.JPG (75549 bytes) $Sold
     New red reflector set for a small (20") Budweiser bow tie neon beer sign.

20 bud_net1.JPG (68490 bytes) bud_net2.JPG (66040 bytes)  $Sold ........Fits this sign bud basket.jpg (17631 bytes)
    Basket net tube for a Budweiser basket ball goal neon beer sign.

21  Bud1a.JPG (99848 bytes)  Bud1b.JPG (93029 bytes)  Bud1c.JPG (65033 bytes) $Sold
     Used Bud neon tube, note the electrode offset.

22 P1010007.JPG (68920 bytes)  P1010008.JPG (63790 bytes) $ Sold
     Soccer ball for a Budweiser soccer sign.

23  Flamingos.JPG (87581 bytes) $ Sold
     Brand new flamingos for a Budweiser Sign (053-390).
     AB part number 197-047UE.

23a  bud-flam1.JPG (79045 bytes)  bud-flam2.JPG (68116 bytes)  $Sold      Fits this sign.... 
Feet & ground tube for a Budweiser flamingo neon beer sign. 
AB part number 197-046UE 

24 P1010032.JPG (72783 bytes)  P1010033.JPG (65943 bytes)  $sold    Fits this style sign bud-indy.gif (70468 bytes)
     Rear spoiler and tires neon tube for a Bud indy race car neon sign.

24a Bud indy streak 1.JPG (66112 bytes)  Bud indy car streak 2.JPG (71040 bytes)  $22
      Speed lines for the Budweiser indy car neon.

25  wpeE.jpg (15855 bytes)  wpe10.jpg (13620 bytes) $Sold
     ICE tube for a Bud Ice neon beer sign.

25a bud_ice_neon_part.JPG (82605 bytes) bud_ice_neon_sign.JPG (60335 bytes)  $Sold   Fits signs like this.....Bud_Ice.jpg (34929 bytes)
     Blue neon tube for a Bud Ice beer sign.

26  bud_salsa_neon_tube-1.JPG (80551 bytes)  bud_salsa_neon_tube-2.JPG (81435 bytes) $Sold     Fits this sign......budweiser_salsa.jpg (25131 bytes)
      Salsa neon tube / part for a Bud Salsa neon sign.

26a bud_salsa_neon_sign_1.JPG (117752 bytes)  bud_salsa_neon_sign_2.JPG (114435 bytes) $Sold
      Green trim neon tube / part for a Bud Salsa neon beer sign.

27 1 budweiser_neon_sign_tube_1.JPG (66918 bytes) 1 budweiser_neon_sign_tube_2.JPG (77664 bytes)   $Sold
     Eiser part for a Budweiser neon sign.

28  budweiser_king_b_neon_1.JPG (108029 bytes)  budweiser_king_b_neon_2.JPG (108329 bytes)  $Sold
      Big B for a Budweiser king B or crown neon sign.

28a budweiser_king_bee_neon_3.JPG (107325 bytes)  budweiser_king_bee_neon_4.JPG (108481 bytes)  $SOLD
      Big B for a Bud crown or king B neon sign.


28b Bud_king_b_neon_tube.JPG (101754 bytes)  Bud_king_b_neon_part.JPG (86605 bytes)  $SOLD
       Big B for Budweiser neon sign

29 Budweiser frog neon tube.JPG (64664 bytes) Budweiser frog neon part.JPG (62014 bytes)  $Sold...  Fits this sign.....Bud_Frog.jpg (14726 bytes)
     Budweiser script for a Bud frog neon beer sign.

29a Budweiser frog bow tie neon tube.JPG (89236 bytes) Budweiser frog bow tie neon part.JPG (85011 bytes)  $Sold
      Bowtie part for a Budweiser frog neon sign.

29b Frog eyes 1.JPG (78817 bytes)  Bud Frog Eyes 2.JPG (71872 bytes)  $Sold
      Outer eyes for the Bud Frog.
      New but with some scrapes in the coating.

29c Bud frog legs 1.JPG (83535 bytes)  Budweiser frog legs 2.JPG (90505 bytes)  $Sold
      Frog legs for the Budweiser Frog neon sign.
      This part is new and lights well but has crazing / color problems.
      New ones are over twice this price.

30 lasso-1.JPG (74544 bytes) lasso-2.JPG (67051 bytes) $30   Fits signs like this.....Bud_country.jpg (28336 bytes)
     New lasso for a Budweiser Country neon beer sign.

31 Bud bat neon tube.JPG (53749 bytes)  Budweiser bat neon sign.JPG (55081 bytes)  $30   Fits signs like this.....bud neon sign with base ball bat.jpg (9885 bytes)
     Bat for a Bud baseball neon sign.

32  Budman face neon part.JPG (98380 bytes)  Bud Man face part.JPG (67802 bytes) $22     Fits signs like this....Budman_3.jpg (26853 bytes)
      Nose & chin for a Bud Man neon sign

32a Bud man Cape.JPG (91207 bytes)  $Sold
      New goggles and cape for a Bud Man neon sign.

33 wpe16.jpg (23197 bytes) wpe18.jpg (19526 bytes)  $Sold    Fits this sign.....
     Race Car for a Bud racing neon sign.

33a wpe1A.jpg (10345 bytes)  wpe1C.jpg (11808 bytes)  $22
     Speed lines for a Bud race car neon sign.

34 wpe20.jpg (14472 bytes)  wpe22.jpg (15933 bytes) $Sold
     weiser for a big Budweiser neon beer sign.
    I think this is for the 4' sign, this is large 11mm neon.

34a wpe24.jpg (21517 bytes)  wpe26.jpg (22273 bytes)  $SOLD...........Fits this sign....Bud_classic-1009565.jpg (101939 bytes)
      New green ring neon. Fits   Budweiser 4' heritage classic sign.
      AB part # 197-232UE, check yours to be sure.

35 wpeA.jpg (8905 bytes) $ Sold
     New Budweiser part, I think this is AB #198-495 it fits some King B signs.
     These tend to have "funny" looking Bs, this has one too.
     I only have one, new orders cost more.


To buy a part listed, go here.