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Coors neon sign tubes / parts

To buy a part listed, go here.


1. coors_pink1.JPG (70456 bytes) coors_pink2.JPG (81212 bytes)  $Sold....fits this style sign and others coorsbeer_pink.jpg (24916 bytes)
    New Pink Coors 18 inch neon beer sign tube / part for older signs.

2. 14coors.JPG (79574 bytes) 14c2.JPG (82777 bytes) $Sold
    New Red 14" Coors neon beer sign part
3. 25coors1.JPG (63345 bytes) 25coors2.JPG (75729 bytes) $Sold....fits this type sign and others coorsmountain2.jpg (23467 bytes)
   New Red 24 inch Coors neon beer sign tube / part.

4. 24coors1.JPG (61960 bytes) 24coors2.JPG (75289 bytes) $Sold
   New Red 24 inch Coors neon beer sign tube / part.

5. 18coors1.JPG (59128 bytes)  18coors2.JPG (73220 bytes) $Sold...Fits various Coors signs.
    New Red 18 inch Coors neon beer sign tube / part.

6. coors_extra_gold_neon_1.JPG (70202 bytes) coors_extra_gold_neon_2.JPG (70634 bytes) $SOLD...Fits this type sign coors_extra_gold2.jpg (19264 bytes)
   Used EXTRA tube for a Coors Extra neon beer sign.
   Lights well but the "back paint" has flaked off.

7. coors_mo1.JPG (64231 bytes) coors_mo2.JPG (70306 bytes) $SOLD...fits this type sign coorsmountain2.jpg (23467 bytes)
    Used Mountain tube for a Coors neon beer sign.

8.Coors_mo_new1.JPG (62838 bytes) Coors_mo_new2.JPG (69956 bytes) $Sold out
   New Mountain tube for a Coors neon beer sign.

9. coors_grid1.JPG (54306 bytes) coors_grid2.JPG (46866 bytes)  $SOLD
    Used lower "grid" tube for a Coors Mountain neon beer sign.

10. coors_line1.JPG (25778 bytes) coors_line2.JPG (35859 bytes) $SOLD.....Fits this and Coors Light neon sign coors_silver.jpg (30239 bytes)
     Separation line tube for a Coors Light Silver Bullet neon sign.

11. coorlight1.JPG (95392 bytes)  coorlight2.JPG (80117 bytes)  $Sold
     I think the neon tube for a Coors Light, check yours to be sure.

12 extra_gold_neon_sign_part_1.JPG (57757 bytes)  extra_gold_neon_sign_part_2.JPG (52271 bytes)  $ 28      Fits signs like this...Coors_extra_gold4.jpg (21194 bytes)
    Extra Gold part for a Coors Extra Gold neon sign. 

12a  extra_gold_neon_sign_tube_1.JPG (61505 bytes)  extra_gold_neon_sign_tube_2.JPG (57155 bytes)  $Sold    Fits signs like this...Coors_extra_gold3.jpg (17996 bytes)
       Extra Gold tube for a Coors Extra Gold neon beer sign.

13 ors-a1.JPG (100126 bytes) ors-b1.JPG (86177 bytes) $Sold
     Large ORS for a Coors neon sign.

14  coors_light1.JPG (91781 bytes)  coors_light2.JPG (72396 bytes) $Sold
      Good used large LIGHT tube for a Coors neon beer sign/