Here are some of the Harley signs
at Steinville, as always some may be
out of stock at any time.
We just sell these locally.


Porcelain signs
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 Tin Signs
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1923 F Head         At Your Service


These Harley "Babe" signs are embossed tin signs.
It's like 3D for signs, you can feel the image.

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Legendary Babe       Wash Babe         Classic Babe        Fixer Upper Babe 

 wpeD.gif (35486 bytes) wpeF.gif (46002 bytes) 
Dreaming Babe   Playing Around Babe    Ticket Babe    Crossroads Babe

wpe3.gif (36318 bytes)  wpe1.gif (42462 bytes)   wpe9.gif (32638 bytes)
American Classic    Old Scroll Babe        Classic Babe

Heavy street signs
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