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About neon beer sign tubes & parts.

There are many beer and other brands of neon parts on this site including 
Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Dry, Busch, Michelob, Miller and some 
miscellaneous / universal neon tubes such as BEER, ON TAP & OPEN.

I have neon sign transformers on the 
supplies page link at the left.


Many of the neon beer sign tubes & parts on this site are NEW, unused, original replacement tubes & some are good used neon parts. Links to all areas are at the left.

I do not charge for packing neon (handling), shipping & insurance is extra.
For years I have been able to get packing peanuts & boxes free of charge but now I may add $1-2 for packing peanuts and/or a box depending on the size of box as I now have to buy them.

I pack well and rarely have any problems.

Shipping is not bad, typically it is $9-12-15 for single tubes, of course larger & multiple tubes require larger boxes, so the shipping runs more than small ones.

As far as I know, all neon tube part numbers ( if you have yours ) are correct.

I have some original neon part sign numbers listed, individual neon parts may fit more signs than the ones listed.
You can also substitute or create signs using any combination of neon parts.

My tube lengths are aprox, but close. You can use the ruler in the picture to see how tall a tube is by holding something up to your monitor and compare the the height to the length ruler, it works.

The best way to be sure a neon tube is the one you want is to look at my pictures on this site. Most all tubes are pictured, both lighted & unlighted, with a ruler in view so you can compare. Note the angles of the ends of the tubes, sometimes this is the only difference between similar tubes. Some lighted neon tubes don't photograph well and look spotty or faded. Assume that all parts are fine unless I note otherwise.

If you want to buy a neon part, first email me at the address below and send me your name and address. 
It also helps if you email me from the same address each time.
When you ask about a part from your work address then answer from your wifes email, then Paypal from another email it gets confusing and only delays your order.
It helps to include your name and previous info in your replies as I usually have 
several neon "deals" going on at once and want to get them right.

I will first let you know if the one(s) you want are still available, then I will pack the tube(s) and let you know a total with shipping, I don't charge "handling".

I accept Paypal online. You can also mail me a money order if you like.

I am an Ebay seller, if you want a reference, go check my feedback (2300+)  
my ebay name is

DON'T contact me through Ebay, that's the hard way.
Just drop me a line if you have any questions.

budman1 @ steinville.com
That's budman "one" @ steinville.com

You will need to cut & paste my address and eliminate the spaces
It's not a link

This is because of too many robots reading my email link and
sending too much spam.


Deadbeat notice

I have been selling these parts for years and 
have had mostly good experiences with the people
I have dealt with. Unfortunately there seems to be a trend
with some people asking to buy parts and after I pack them
up they seem to disappear?

It takes serious time to properly pack neon,
I don't just throw it in a box.
I have to pack it first to know how much to charge you.

Please don't waste my time, if you are a serious
buyer and your word is good then fine but if you are a 
numbskull or act like you are an 8 year old with a computer 
then go bother someone else.

I will post the names, addresses  
and email addresses of people who order parts
but don't follow through below.

Don't like that policy?
Then be a man (or woman) and follow through
with your end of the deal.

To all the good customers I have had, I say thanks
for being good keep your word people.


Here is my list of no pays.
I don't know if these people don't want to pay
or for some reason (spam filters etc) are not
able to receive my invoices ?

Funny how I can email back and forth 
about a part but as soon as it's packed up
my email doesn't seem to get there ??

If you are one of these people please get in touch 
with me, your part is setting here packed 
and ready to go. 
If you know any of these people please
let them know they need to contact me

T Joyce
Louisville KY


H  Nguyen
Belleville  NJ


V Gladney
Moreno Valley  CA


M Santamaria
Brigantine NJ

T Oquin
Perryton TX


S Miller
Chatsworth  California

J  Lenox
Livingston  Texas

E Lopez
Pasco Wa

K Snow
Fort Walton Beach


J Fitzmaurice
Amherst Massachusetts


T White
New York, New York


J Hernandez
Hicksville New York