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Look around for new neon sign parts !

 Looking for neon beer sign tubes & parts? 
Click on the link above.

Neon sign parts / supply area.
Click on the supplies link on any neon tube page.

 See Steinville @ 
Midway Antique Mall
exit #121 off  I-70

w1.jpg (431734 bytes)

w2.jpg (425920 bytes)
I have 2 more walls of signs 
but no pics right now.


I sell these items at this location only. Check out the store pictures to see more detail.

I do sell neon beer sign replacement tubes & parts on the web, 
feel free to look at the tubes & parts I have for sale.

To keep down any confusion, I am not the Midway Antique Mall, I have these items in their mall.
Please do not contact the Mall about this site.

Contact me at Budman1 @
Note I changed email (too many spamers)
You will need to cut & paste my address and eliminate the spaces
this is because of too many robots reading my email link and
sending too much spam.

Feel free to look around this site. 
If you are in the Columbia MO area stop by the Midway Antique Mall
it's a BIG 350 dealer mall of antiques, collectibles and other 
fine things and it's NOT a crafter mall !


Harley signs & neon beer sign parts