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WWII Sub Service photos

I am not sure who the sailors are or who took the photos.
I have noted what I know about these photos.
My father, Richard Puyear passed away in 1996, these were his. 
He served on the USS Stickleback (SS-415).

If you know any of the men pictured or have questions / comments
you can drop me a line at budman@steinville.com 


Click on the thumbnails to view full size photos.

Group.jpg (111189 bytes)  
Group photo of Submarine Veterans of WWII in Indianapolis.
My dad is 5th from the left in the back row. I know that's Red Meyers on the right front (1960s era photo).

monument.jpg (87995 bytes)  plaque.jpg (104592 bytes)
This is the Sub Vet monument for the USS Greyback (SS208) in Indianapolis at the Heslar Navel Armory, dad built this one. 
As a kid I helped strip out the guts out of the torpedo and get it ready to paint and mount.
As of 2017 the Armory was converted to a High School and I am unsure what has happened to the monument.

Big group2.JPG (251115 bytes)  Large group of sailors, I see my father in this one, I assume is a "post school" photo.

dad.jpg (30241 bytes)  This is my father Richard.

3sailors.jpg (29745 bytes)  Dad & friends.

cards2.JPG (78484 bytes)  His Mare Island liberty & mess card.

sub2.JPG (234862 bytes)  
Big photo of a sub (Stickleback, or same class I think) 
and a short AP article on the sinking of the Stickleback.

dogs.jpg (57053 bytes) Sailor with dog and cat.

Jap_sub3.jpg (81171 bytes) Captured Japanese subs.

pic2.jpg (64611 bytes)  Various with SS386 in the background.

pic3.jpg (58621 bytes)

pic4.jpg (84749 bytes)

pic5.jpg (73328 bytes) Various pics and a shot of SS203 & SS341 at dock or tender.

pic6.jpg (67175 bytes)