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Miscellaneous neon beer and other sign tubes.
Here you will find odd brands and other
odds & ends including "universal" neon glass tubes (open, on tap), 
cigarette, odd beer brands, grids / filler tubes and tubes that 
I don't know what signs they fit.
If you know what something fits please email and let me know.

  These are replacement parts only, not signs.

To buy a part listed, go here.

Bass_01a.JPG (129862 bytes)  Bass_01b.JPG (79364 bytes)  $Sold
    Bass neon beer sign tube, lights white.

ontap1a.jpg (79053 bytes) ontap1b.jpg (68864 bytes) $25
   8 inch On tap neon beer sign tube.
   Grey back paint.

ontap4a.JPG (86975 bytes) ontap4b.JPG (89561 bytes) $Sold
   Red on tap neon beer sign tube.

3b ontap5a.JPG (80772 bytes) ontap5b.JPG (77677 bytes) NEW (not used as the photo shows) $Sold
    Red on tap neon beer sign tube.

01-ontap-a.JPG (164362 bytes) 01-ontap-b.JPG (92031 bytes)  $Sold
    Nice with one inner coating spot at the top of the "N"

4a 02-ontap-a.JPG (100527 bytes) 02-ontap-b.JPG (77245 bytes)  $Sold
    Special color on tap neon unit, the on is blue and the tap is green.

4b on-tap-neon1.JPG (61302 bytes)   $Sold
     New 11 inch On Tap neon beer sign part.
     This was OEM for an AB brand sign, (can't remember which one).

ontap7_a.JPG (66317 bytes) ontapx.JPG (33514 bytes)  $25
    10 inch Gold On tap neon beer sign tube.

6 ontap7a.JPG (82999 bytes) ontap7b.JPG (63369 bytes) $SOLD
  10 inch white on tap neon beer sign tube.

schlitz_neon_beer_sign_1.jpg (116721 bytes) schlitz_neon_tube_part_2.jpg (79411 bytes) $Sold
   Sch tube for a Schlitz neon beer sign

open1_a.JPG (79300 bytes) open1_b.JPG (77198 bytes)  $Sold
   10 inch white open neon sign tube.

8a open2_a.JPG (74717 bytes) open3_b.JPG (59256 bytes) $SOLD
    10 inch white open neon sign tube.

8b open3a.JPG (108828 bytes) open3b.JPG (89204 bytes) $SOLD
    White 10 inch open neon sign tube, gray paint.

8c open4a.JPG (80817 bytes) open4b.JPG (62272 bytes) $Sold
    White 10 inch open neon beer sign tube.

8d r-open1a.JPG (98344 bytes) r-open1b.JPG (94001 bytes) $Sold
    Red open neon beer sign tube.

8e open_neon_sign_part_5.JPG (112942 bytes)  open_neon_sign_part_6.JPG (106045 bytes) $Sold
    Small red 8 inch open neon tube / part.

8f  a open_neon_sign_part_3.JPG (79014 bytes)  b open_neon_sign_part_4.JPG (84751 bytes)  $Sold
     12-13 inch green open neon sign tube.

8g  open_neon_sign_tube_3.JPG (58513 bytes)  open_neon_sign_tube_4.JPG (66524 bytes)  $Sold
     18 inch red coated open neon sign part, has a few scrapes in the coating.

8h  open_neon_sign_part_1.JPG (72577 bytes)  open_neon_sign_part_.JPG (71434 bytes)  $Sold
     15 inch clear red open neon tube.

8i  open_neon_sign_tube_1.JPG (74181 bytes)  open_neon_sign_tube_2.JPG (74618 bytes)  $Sold
    14 inch red (clear glass) open neon tube / part.
    Fits inside the border below.

8j open_neon_border_1.JPG (90914 bytes)  open_neon_border_2.JPG (63359 bytes)  $Sold
   16 inch neon border tube, fits well with the open part above.

9 Steakhouse_neon_sign_tube.JPG (46907 bytes)  Steak_house_neon_sign_part.JPG (41346 bytes)  $SOLD
  Steakhouse neon sign tube.

10 big_grid1.JPG (26298 bytes)
     big_grid2.JPG (31084 bytes)
     Big grid filler neon sign tube, made of large diameter tubing, aprox 44" long.
    Good used $25

10a grid18b.JPG (46948 bytes) grid18a.JPG (46760 bytes) $Sold

10b grid01a.JPG (35278 bytes) grid01b.JPG (44244 bytes)  $Sold

10c grid02a.JPG (81577 bytes) grid02b.JPG (65615 bytes)  $Sold
      New 6 x 22 Blue grid / filler neon sign tube. (pic looks funny, tube lights up fine)

10d grid03a.JPG (83144 bytes) grid03b.JPG (62850 bytes)  $Sold
      New 5 x 22 Blue grid / filler neon sign tube. (pic looks funny, tube lights up fine)

11 Molson_neon_1a.JPG (80905 bytes) Molson_neon_sign_1b.JPG (71177 bytes)  $Sold
    Big Molson neon beer sign tube / part.
    Used but like new.

12  DO1.JPG (92456 bytes) RAL1.JPG (59776 bytes)

      DO2.JPG (80570 bytes) RAL2.JPG (75535 bytes)
      These 2 tubes make a DORAL cigarette neon sign.
      All gone

13   becks3.JPG (34565 bytes) $SOLD
      Lens for a Beck's beer neon sign.

13a becks4.JPG (146804 bytes) $SOLD
      Lens for a Beck's beer neon sign.

14 low1.jpg (111695 bytes) low2.jpg (94620 bytes) $Sold
     Border tube for a Lowenbrau neon beer sign.

15 hudy1a.JPG (109643 bytes) hudy2a.JPG (95281 bytes)  $Sold
     Hudy tube for a Hudepohl neon beer sign.

16 bay1a.JPG (92091 bytes)  bay2a.JPG (65481 bytes)  $15
     Used Bay tube for a Matilda Bay neon sign .

16a Matilda-neon.JPG (43733 bytes)  Sign-Matilda.JPG (43970 bytes)  $Sold
      Used Matilda neon unit for a Matilda neon sign.

17 teq1.JPG (93016 bytes) teq2.JPG (95455 bytes) $ Sold....Fits this sign tequiza_sun.jpg (38575 bytes)
    Sun tube for a Tequiza neon beer sign.

18  Ov1a.jpg (96563 bytes) Ov2a.JPG (82229 bytes) $20
     OV neon tube for a Old Vienna beer sign.

19 Gpc1a.jpg (75943 bytes) Gpc2a.jpg (59162 bytes) $20
     GPC cigarette neon sign tube.

20  wpe1.jpg (24589 bytes) wpe8.jpg (24622 bytes) $ Sold ......Fits signs like this Pabst.jpg (19397 bytes)
      wpe6.jpg (17564 bytes)
    Brand new Pabst border tube for a Pabst blue ribbon neon beer sign.


20a Pabst1.JPG (89960 bytes) Pabst2.JPG (81553 bytes) $Sold
      New Pabst neon sign glass for the sign above.

21 Cer_fria_G1.JPG (35343 bytes) Cer_fria_G2.JPG (54393 bytes) $ Sold
     Green cerveza Fria neon beer sign tube.

21a  cerv_curv_B1.JPG (80877 bytes) Cerv_curv_B2.JPG (72148 bytes) $Sold
     Curved blue cerveza neon beer sign tube.

21b  cerv_curv_G1.JPG (90530 bytes) cerv_curv_G2.JPG (85455 bytes) $Sold
     Curved green cerveza neon beer sign tube.

21c cerveza_neon_beer_part_1.JPG (56515 bytes)  cerveza_neon_beer_part_2.JPG (64672 bytes)  $Sold
      Yellow cerveza neon sign tube / part.

21d cerveza_neon_beer_sign_part_1.JPG (66205 bytes)  cerveza_neon_beer_sign_part_2.JPG (61731 bytes)  $Sold
       Green cerveza part for a neon beer sign.

21e cerveza_neon_beer_sign_tube_1.JPG (83303 bytes)  cerveza_neon_beer_sign_tube_2.JPG (71052 bytes)  $Sold
      White curved cerveza neon tube /sign part.

22  ex_beer_neon_sign_part.JPG (102441 bytes)  ex_beer_neon_sign_tube.JPG (84566 bytes)  $25    Fits signs similar to this....ex_beer2.gif (30805 bytes)
      EX tube for a EX beer bottle neon sign.


23   clear_beer_neon_tube.JPG (105233 bytes)  clear_beer_neon_part.JPG (85444 bytes)  $Sold
       Clear tube for ?

24 g_icecolda.JPG (110403 bytes) g_icecoldb.JPG (92702 bytes) $Sold
     Green ice cold neon beer sign tube.

25 welcome1.JPG (71847 bytes) welcome2.JPG (74339 bytes)  $Sold
     Welcome neon sign tube.

26 Texas1.JPG (75561 bytes) Texas2.JPG (79632 bytes) $Sold
    Texas neon sign tube.

27 68-light_neon.JPG (136987 bytes) 69-light_neon.JPG (108400 bytes) $Sold
     Light neon beer sign part, lights purple.

28   72light.JPG (156548 bytes) 73light.JPG (155125 bytes) $Sold
      Light neon beer sign tube.

29  76-light-neon.JPG (73506 bytes) 77-light-neon.JPG (64943 bytes) $SOLD
      Light neon beer sign tube.

30  74_Light-neon.JPG (125900 bytes) 75_Light-neon.JPG (90149 bytes) $25
     Light neon beer sign tube, lights blue.

31 camel2a.JPG (50291 bytes)  $Sold
     Used Camel neon sign tube, works but not perfect, color not good.

31a camel3a.JPG (62520 bytes) $Sold
      Good used tube for Camel cigarette Neon.

31b camel_neon_sign_tube.jpg (70912 bytes)  camel_neon_tube.jpg (84390 bytes)  $Sold     Fits signs like this....
      Good used Camel tube for Camel cigarette Neon.

32  Oly1a.JPG (106168 bytes)  Oly1b.JPG (85862 bytes)  $Sold
     Used Olympia OLY neon tube. Does have a dark spot on the Y.


34  red_hook_sign_part.jpg (98637 bytes)  red_hook_neon_sign_tube.jpg (77759 bytes)  $ Sold
      "Red" tube for a Red Hook beer neon sign.

34a red_hook_neon_tube.jpg (93085 bytes)  red_hook_neon_beer_part.jpg (91589 bytes)  $Sold     Fit this sign ...Red_Hook.jpg (16775 bytes)
      Outer border tube for a Red Hook neon beer sign

34bRH5.JPG (84655 bytes)  RH6.JPG (74345 bytes)  $25
     Line tube for a Red Hook beer neon sign.

35  rolling_rock_beer_neon.JPG (74535 bytes)  rolling_rock_neon_sign.JPG (73003 bytes)  $SOLD    Fits signs like this....
      Rolling rock neon beer sign tube / part.

35a rolling_rock_neon_tube_1.JPG (81220 bytes)  rolling_rock_neon_tube_2.JPG (77672 bytes)  $SOLD
      Rock tube for a Rolling Rock  Rock Bock neon beer sign.

35b rolling_rock_bock_neon-1.JPG (101649 bytes)  rolling_rock_bock_neon-2.JPG (76123 bytes)  $Sold
       Bock part for a Rolling Rock  Rock Bock neon beer sign. 
         Fits signs like this

35c  Rol-1.JPG (146848 bytes) Rol-2.JPG (148565 bytes)  $Sold
        ROL for a Rolling Rock neon beer sign.

36  point_beer_neon_tube.JPG (85137 bytes)  point_beer_neon_part.JPG (78631 bytes)  $Sold
     Blue neon tube for a Point beer sign.

36a point_neon_sign_part.JPG (64267 bytes)  point_sign_border_part.JPG (61190 bytes)  $Sold       For signs like this point_beer.gif (15517 bytes)
      Red border tube for a Point neon beer sign

37  lime1.JPG (54262 bytes)  lime2.JPG (53181 bytes)  $SOLD  Fits these signs....corona-bottle.jpg (12112 bytes)
      Lime tube for Corona neon signs.

37a corona_neon_parrot.JPG (74012 bytes)  corona_beer_neon_parrot.JPG (60442 bytes)  $Sold   Fits signs like this Coronabird.jpg (14961 bytes)

38  beer_neon_tube.JPG (140561 bytes)  beer_neon_part.JPG (89973 bytes)  $Sold
     Red BEER tube for some neon beer sign ?

39  red_wolf_beer_neon_1.JPG (76561 bytes)  red_wolf_neon_part_2.JPG (76221 bytes)  $sold  Fits this sign....red_wolf2.JPG (17029 bytes)
      Wolf face for a Red Wolf Beer neon sign.

39a red_wolf_neon_part-1.jpg (71201 bytes)  red_wolf_neon_part-2.jpg (83134 bytes)  $25   Fits signs like this.....red_wolf_neon.jpg (20055 bytes)
      Moon / O neon tube for a Red Wolf Beer Sign.

39b red_wolf_neon_tube-1.jpg (74193 bytes)  red_wolf_neon_tube-2.jpg (71063 bytes)  $SOLD
       W LF (wolf) tube for a Red Wolf neon beer sign.

40  heineken1.JPG (44714 bytes)  heineken2.JPG (58351 bytes)  $Sold
     Heineken green neon tube for various beer signs.

40a   heineken_neon_sign_tube_1.JPG (94885 bytes) heineken_neon_sign_tube_2.JPG (66962 bytes) heineken_neon_sign_tube_3.JPG (83170 bytes) $SOLD
        New Heineken "Hein" neon beer sign part / tube.      

40b heineken_neon_part_1.JPG (69261 bytes)  Heineken_neon_part_2.JPG (77514 bytes)  $ SOLD
      Heineken "eken" neon part.

41 coca_cola_neon_1.JPG (115892 bytes)  coke_neon_sign_2.JPG (84702 bytes)  $Sold
     "Coca" neon tube for a Coca-Cola (Coke) neon sign.

42 Bartles_james_neon_1.JPG (78157 bytes)  Bartles_james_neon_2.JPG (66742 bytes)  $22    Fits signs like this......bartles-Jaymes-neon.jpg (87792 bytes)
    "& James" neon tube for a Bartles and Jaymes wine cooler neon sign.

43 natural-beer-neon-1a.JPG (80510 bytes)  natural-beer-neon-2a.JPG (79714 bytes)  $Sold
     New neon beer sign tube for a Anheuser Busch Natural Light or Ice sign.

43 AB_natural_light_neon_part.JPG (111795 bytes)  AB_natural_light_neon_sign.JPG (82532 bytes) $Sold
     Used Natural Light or Natural Ice beer sign neon tube.

44 Killarney's_neon_beer_sign_tube-1.JPG (104970 bytes)  Killarney's_red_lager_neon_part-2.JPG (82221 bytes)  $22
     Killarney's neon beer sign 1/2 border part.

44a Killarneys_red_lager_neon_sign_tube-2.JPG (55335 bytes)  Killarney's_red_lager_neon_beer_part-2.JPG (43655 bytes) $Sold   Fits signs like this...killarneys_red_lager_neon_sign.JPG (18077 bytes)
      Killarney's Red Lager neon beer sign tube.

45 petes_wicked_ale_neon_sign.JPG (95662 bytes)  pete's_wicked_ale_neon_beer_sign.JPG (84515 bytes)  $SOLD

45a petes_wicked_ale_neon_sign_part.JPG (101804 bytes)  pete's_wicked_ale_neon_sign.JPG (83883 bytes)  $SOLD

46 Harp_neon_beer_sign_1.JPG (68323 bytes)  Harp_neon_beer_sign_tube_2.JPG (66799 bytes)  $Sold
     Harp beer /ale neon sign part.

46a harp_neon_sign_rp_1.JPG (112173 bytes)  harp_neon_sign_part_rp_2.JPG (97560 bytes)  $Sold    Fits signs similar to this...harp_lager.jpg (14228 bytes)
      RP part for a Harp neon beer sign.

47 P1010050.JPG (81396 bytes)  P1010051.JPG (64683 bytes)  $Sold     Fits this sign....fosters_boom.jpg (21211 bytes)
      F _ Lager neon tube for a Foster's neon beer sign.

47a  Fosters_austrailian_beer_neon_1.JPG (70202 bytes)  Fosters_austrailian_beer_neon_2.JPG (56414 bytes)  $Sold
     Australian neon tube for a Foster's neon beer sign.

47b lager_neon_beer_tube_1.JPG (66719 bytes)  lager_neon_beer_tube_2.JPG (69985 bytes)  $Sold
       Lager neon sign part.

47c fosters-1.jpg (56202 bytes)  fosters-2.jpg (69889 bytes) $SOLD
       Foster's neon sign part.

47d Fosters2.JPG (55140 bytes) 1-Foster.JPG (61802 bytes) $ SOLD
       Brand new Fosters neon tube, lights blue.
       Part number 0B8372, fits several Foster's beer signs.

48  shiner_neon_beer_tube.JPG (108385 bytes)  shiner_neon_beer_part.JPG (89827 bytes)  $SOLD   Fits signs like this...ShinerBock.jpg (22246 bytes)
      Ner part for a Shiner neon beer sign.

49 grain_belt_premium_neon-1.JPG (86787 bytes)  grain_belt_premium_neon-2.JPG (77675 bytes) $Sold     Fits signs like this....
     ium tube for a Grain Belt Premium neon beer sign.

49a grain_belt_neon_sign-1.JPG (76729 bytes)  grain_belt_neon_sign-2.JPG (68273 bytes)  $SOLD
       Grain tube / part for a Grain Belt neon sign.

50 mickey's_neon__beer_sign.JPG (87997 bytes)  mickeys_neon__beer_sign-2.JPG (84301 bytes)  $ Sold    Fits this sign.....mickeysbottle.jpg (40094 bytes)
     Mickey's bottle neon sign bottom tube / part.

51 abierto_neon_sign_tube.JPG (63158 bytes)  abierto_neon_sign_part.JPG (53658 bytes) $Sold
     Blue Abierto neon sign tube.
    I believe this fits a Bud Light Abierto neon but can fit any sign.

52  lowenbrau_neon_sign_1.JPG (55543 bytes)  lowenbrau_neon_sign_2.JPG (56955 bytes)  $SOLD
      Lowenbrau neon sign tube / part.

53 world neon tube.JPG (94972 bytes)  world neon sign part.JPG (90628 bytes)  $ Sold........Fits signs like this....AB_world.jpg (20268 bytes)
     World neon part for a Anheuser Busch World Select neon sign.

53a select neon part.JPG (108018 bytes)  select neon sign tube.JPG (87623 bytes)  $Sold........Fits signs like this.... AB_world_select.jpg (40805 bytes)     
       Select neon part for a Anheuser Busch World Select neon sign.

54 cold_wave_2a.JPG (108237 bytes)  cold_wave_1a.JPG (93246 bytes) $Sold
    La Onda Fria (cold wave) neon tube for some sign.

55 1 pizza_neon_part.JPG (84600 bytes)  1 Pizza_neon_tube.JPG (72588 bytes)  $Sold
     Pizza neon tube for some beer sign.

56 A_livin-the-1.JPG (56818 bytes) A_livin-the-2.JPG (49778 bytes)  $Sold
     Livin The neon sign tube.

57  1saints-1.JPG (80809 bytes) 1saints-2.JPG (72673 bytes)   $Sold
      New Orleans Saints football neon sign part.

58 1we1.JPG (92436 bytes)  1we2.JPG (61348 bytes)   $Sold   Fits signs like this Lite_we_ID1.jpg (44326 bytes)
      WE ID neon beer sign tube, color good, bad photo.

58a  1we44.JPG (96039 bytes) 1we55.JPG (90415 bytes)  $22   Fits with the above..1we33.JPG (118003 bytes)
       WE ID border neon tube.

58b we6a.JPG (108528 bytes)  we6.JPG (70457 bytes)  $22
       WE I part for a we id neon sign.

58c we7.JPG (101173 bytes)  we7a.JPG (72016 bytes)  $22
      .D. part that goes with the WE I neon part above.
       Note the "period" has a dark spot.

58d we8.JPG (99565 bytes)  we8a.JPG (83643 bytes)  $22
      Red WE I.D. neon set for a beer sign.
      Miller part #500117

59  Corona   $Sold
        Sorry no pic available
     Blue Corona neon beer sign tube (aprox 22" long)

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